Regular Lodge Meetings


The Lodge holds six regular lodge meetings each year during the months from September to May at the Sussex Masonic Centre, 25 Queen's Road, Brighton. It is at these meetings new members are initiated or take further steps in freemasonry, lectures or talks are given and, in May, the new Worshipful Master is installed. Meetings are held on Fridays and normally start at 17:30 except for the Installation Meeting in May which is on a Thursday and commences at 16:45.   


A Festive Board (dinner) over which the Worshipful Master presides follows all regular meetings. Please contact us for dates of upcoming meetings:


Lodges of Instruction


These are meetings held Friday evenings, normally at 7.30.p.m. at which brethren learn and rehearse the relevant ceremonies used at regular meetings. 


Masons from other lodges are welcome to attend if they so wish.

Universities Scheme

The Lodge is affiliated with the University of Sussex under the United Grand Lodge of England Universities Scheme.  We welcome contact from undergraduate, postgraduate, staff and alumni of the University who are interested in joining freemasonry.


General Purposes Committee


The General Purposes Committee is the advisory body to the Worshipful Master and the Lodge generally. It meets three times a year and additionally if any matter arises that requires it to do so. The normal starting time is 6.30 p.m. 

Social Functions


The Lodge normally holds three social functions each year. They are


A Summer Barbecue / Hog Roast, an informal event usually held in August and open to partners, friends and family

An Autumn Lodge of Instruction Dinner

A Ladies Night, which is normally held in March.  


These social functions are fun, relaxed events and are well supported by members, friends, and their ladies - all proceeds going to charity - both non masonic and masonic.


Sussex Masonic Centre

25 Queens Road