The history of our Lodge


The Arthur Jolly Lodge was founded to commemorate the Boys Festival of 1966, at which the Provincial Grand Master of Sussex, R.W.Bro Arthur Jolly presided, and which raised a total of £444,000 for the Boys School. 


It was named after the Provincial Grand Master himself, not merely as a tribute to his work as a freemason but to recognise his total contribution to society which is reflected in the second part of this Lodge History entitled "Arthur Jolly - The Man" 


It had seventeen founders, and the, then Deputy Provincial Grand Master, the Rev Charles H Mosse became the first master of the new lodge. 


The founders undertook that the Lodge would fully observe the Sussex Masonic Ritual in every detail and would also follow certain practices and develop traditions which would give it a distinctive, and hopefully admired, character. 


The Lodge Banner was donated by Mr and Mrs Jolly and dedicated in 1970. 

Amongst its valued possessions are a bible, referred to in freemasonry as the Volume of the Sacred Law, donated by the first Master, Rev, C.H.Mosse; the Worshipful Master's Ivory Gavel, presented by Arthur Jolly personally and a Loving Cup for use at Festive Boards presented by the Founders. In our masonic ceremonies we refer to certain working tools, which are used to demonstrate the teachings of the craft, and a set of these was presented by W.Bro M A T Male a Past Master of the Lodge. 

Sadly in 2016 the last our founders W Bro Carl Haydon passed away aged 93 years.  He was a stalwart supporter of the lodge rarely missing a meeting and the lodge was truly honoured at his having attended our special 50th year anniversary meeting in May 2016.  All the members of our wonderful Lodge are committed to maintaining the memory of Arthur Jolly through the standard of our ritual and the practice of the principles and tenets of freemasonry.