The Lodge Banner


The Grant of Arms which appear on the Lodge Banner are partly based on the Grant made to Robert Jolly of Hatten Garden in the Parish of St. Andrews, Holborn in the County of Middlesex on October 7th 1692. 


By tradition, R.W.Bro. Arthur Jolly, the Provincial Grand Master, was supposed to be descended from him but to date this cannot be substantiated and in consequence the Garter Knight of Arms at the direction of the Earl Marshall granted the present Arms on 1st August 1967 to be borne by Arthur Jolly and his descendants for ever. 


These Arms incorporate certain family associations. Firstly from the Grant of October 1692 by the inclusion of an Eagle and two left hands. Secondly the wavy blue band and the Sextant are in allusion to long associations with the sea during the l8th and l9th centuries. Thirdly the Sussex Martlets are a reminder of the fact that we are members of the Province of Sussex. Lastly the Curriers' knives in saltire refer to the Provincial Grand Master's membership of one of the City of London's ancient Guilds, the Worshipful Company of Curriers, of which he is a Past Master. 


The inscription LAETAVI can be translated "Let us be happy" or, if one prefers, "Let us be Jolly". 


The Lodge is indebted to R.W.Bro. Arthur Jolly, the Provincial Grand Master, and Mrs Jolly for their generosity in presenting this Banner.