You may have accessed this website through the Provincial Grand Lodge of Sussex


In that website there is a section headed Charities which includes significant detail of the various charities and charitable practices that relate to freemasonry. It is not, therefore, necessary to repeat those details here, but, only, to refer to our activities as a private lodge. 


All members make a contribution to The Grand Charity under the control of the United Grand Lodge of England and this is paid annually with the relevant annual dues and is included in our annual subscription. 


At almost any given time the Province of Sussex will be running a Festival for a particular masonic fund.  These Festivals are spaced about eleven to twelve years apart and reach their climax with a Festival presided over by the Provincial Grand Master at which the funds raised are presented to a representative of the applicable Charity or Fund. 


All lodge members are expected to make an annual contribution to this fund and this is normally done under a deed of covenant that enables tax to be reclaimed. Targets are set for each lodge and, hence, for the Province as a whole. We have had festivals in 1966, 1978, 1989 and 1997 (a mini-festival) 2004 and the current 2017 festival most recently completed where our lodge achieved 150% of its target and achieved Grand Patron lodge status of the festival.  The overall result of the 2017 Sussex Festival raised over £3.3 million - a truly incredible sum of money.  Lodges in our Province are now focused on "Sussex for Sussex" meaning our charitable contributions for the coming years will be attributed to local charities and worthy causes.


Since its formation, the Arthur Jolly Lodge has always exceeded its target and, on a per capita basis, has been in the top few lodges in the Province. 


In addition to these central funds, the Arthur Jolly Lodge has its own Benevolent Fund and a Welfare Fund and also raises funds to support non-masonic charities. These are achieved by a combination of alms, collections, raffles, social functions etc. 


The particular distinguishing feature of masonic charity fund raising is that all contributions come from the members themselves.  Charitable collections are also organised as a result of raffles etc. collected during lodge social gatherings such as a Ladies evenings, summer barbecues etc. where partners, friends, and guests (who may not themselves be masons) contribute to a charity (usually non-masonic, and chosen by the Worshipful Master during his year in office).